Player is advised to bring his/her own kits/gears. But for beginners or those who do not have their own kit, there are some spare gloves owned by the team, so you could use one of those for a while.

But the available gloves are quite limited and tend to be used by a lot of players. After you are used to playing and decide to carry on with us regularly, you should bring your own gloves.

If you would like to buy yours and looking for a place, please ask us.


There are some team bats for both training and matches. We normally use them during the training/matches and very few people have their own. Of course it is a good idea to prepare your own softball bats*.

*There are some banned bats guidelined by ASA. Please see this.

Team shirts

We make our original team t-shirts when entering a competitions. It would cost you approx: 10 to 15 quid. It sometimes will be less when we got pomcerships.